Strategic Managed Services

IS IT TIME TO RETHINK YESTERDAY’S SOLUTIONS? As the line between on- and off-premises functions continues to blur, what made economic or logistical sense several years ago may no longer. High-performance networks and distributed data platforms are creating new strategic opportunities to improve operations and cut expenses.

BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY NEVER STANDS STILL. If it seems that the pace of change is accelerating, it’s not your imagination. Each new capability challenges your internal team to acquire new equipment, dispose of obsolete gear, roll out updates, optimize interfaces, train staff, and track performance. And then start over again.

SUBSCRIPTIONS MAY OUTPERFORM TRADITIONAL SUPPORT ARRANGEMENTS. In this new environment, many firms are choosing to contract with a managed services provider, who agrees to strict service-level and quality metrics for whatever systems have been selected. In the process, CapEx often becomes OpEx, which may offer financial advantages as well.

ARE MANAGED SERVICES RIGHT FOR YOU? Learn more by talking with us. Edge offers a full suite of managed IT services, including data backup and disaster recovery, asset and contract management, imaging services, and analytics.

STRATEGY STARTS HERE. Find out if one or more managed services will help you streamline and simplify your technical operations.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter F. Drucker

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