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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Nutanix Era

Enterprise class database estate grows haphazardly more often than we think. This complicates even routine database management tasks such as provisioning, managing, refreshing, restoring or copying databases. Simple one-click solutions like Nutanix Era might be the game-changer that DBAs need.

In the landscape of exploding big data, administrators must field provisioning requests from multiple applications and software packages each with their unique requirements for databases. DBAs must also figure out where to host their databases: on the cloud or on-premises. Cloud vendors typically offer solutions to provisioning and database management challenges; however enterprises neither want to limit their options to hosting databases on the cloud alone or lock themselves into a single cloud vendor. What if a single, platform-independent GUI-driven solution could simplify routine database management tasks for on-prem databases as well?

The Nutanix Era alternative

Nutanix Era is a software suite that simplifies the tasks associated with database management through use of an easy-to-use graphical user interface.

Era provides provisioning, cloning and refresh services. It is platform-independent, working with Oracle and Postgres.

Era helps database administrators because it:

1. Masks the Complexity

By providing a common set of application programming interface (API), a command line interface (CLI) and a GUI that works across multiple database engines, Era allows DBAs to standardize the processes involved with database LCM without creating “silos” of different DBMS platforms in the enterprise. DBAs can simply use drop-down, point-and-click menus in Era to provision, clone and refresh databases to any point in time.

2. Improves Transparency

The dashboard-like Era shows all available related parameters and assets at a glance. DBAs across the enterprise can be on the same page with respect to resource utilization and disk space, VM and hypervisor use and more. Equally important, the information is updated in real time, which leads to more accurate decision-making and forecasts. Every task executed through Era is recorded so it leaves a breadcrumb trail, with unique IDs for easy auditing.

3. Decreases Time Spent on Repetitive Work

No more repetitive tasks on 2,000 instances of databases. One-click execution cascades the same operation throughout your database estate, saving time and precious monetary resources. DBAs can enforce enterprise-wide policies at the click of a button. Era also plays well with others so it can plug into an enterprise’s preferred self-service tools.

4. Is Location-Agnostic

Enterprises don’t have to limit themselves to the cloud to achieve nimble database management. Era’s software suite works with databases whether they’re on the cloud or on-prem. Era delivers operational simplicity in private clouds as well as it does in public clouds or any location that an enterprise database estate might reside in.

5. Is Independent of your DBMS Vendor

Enterprises don’t want to be locked into a single database management vendor. Era provides vendor-independent GUI and CLIs, which lets you have the peace of mind that you could change your licensing agreements in the future and still continue to provision and manage the lifecycle across your estate.

Database management need not be a piecemeal affair stretching DBA resources thin. Software suites like Era do the difficult work of provisioning and lifecycle management so enterprises can scale their estates and reap the benefits of true agility. For more information about Era and how Edge Solutions can help you, contact us today.

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