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Infographic: Future Business Value Now Depends on Storage Performance

Rapid data growth is creating storage challenges for mid-sized US organizations. With IoT adding to a forecasted data explosion, these challenges are coming to a head. At Edge Solutions, we deliver cutting-edge Hitachi storage technology, allowing us to help organizations scale their infrastructure to meet the growing data demand. Contact us today to see how …

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Infographic: Complexity Hurts Databases – Let Nutanix Era Simplify It

Legacy, silo’ed infrastructure is hurting databases, which in turn hurts businesses. All the while, your business is demanding more. Meet Nutanix: the easy, intelligent, resilient database platform that enables you to keep the business running without interruption. For more information on Nutanix Era, and how to simplify your database operations, contact us today.

A Hyperconverged Facelift

Profile: Business products wholesaler with $5B in revenue, Greater Atlanta. Need: Systems and processes with the ability to scale. Consolidate legacy systems and gain efficiencies. Solution: Simplified, next-generation hyperconverged infrastructure running on Nutanix. Outcome: Significant reduction in data center footprint, rapid deployment, one-click upgrades, centralized management with the ability to recover from a disaster. Invest …

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Transforming Enterprise Performance and Reliability with HPE Nimble

Transforming Enterprise Performance and Reliability—The Emergence of Intelligent Storage Most businesses require speedy performance and high availability for their data and applications—and traditional hard-disk drive enterprise storage cannot keep up. Increasingly, organizations are turning to all flash and flash-based arrays to improve both issues, as they realize that the cost savings they provide cannot only …

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Beyond Compliance to New Capabilities

Profile: Major full-service hospital, Tampa FL. Need: Older system for backup falling out of HIPAA-compliance; data volume growth outpacing processing capability. Solution: Hitachi Protection Platform (HPP) S-Series; Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) S-Series Outcomes: Regulatory compliance, smaller footprint, faster and more secure backup and restore, simpler administration, quick installation, improved data mobility, and future expansion potential …

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Hyperconverged and Hypercompetitive

Profile: Financial-services firm with $2.5B in revenue, Greater Atlanta Need: Computing, storage, and networking resource for new office space. Solution: Next-generation, hyperconverged infrastructure running on Dell/VMware vSAN platform. Outcomes: Low cost, right-sized, simple administration, rapid deployment, expansion potential. Every office buildout involves infrastructure decisions. After outgrowing its previous space and leasing several floors in a …

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