Transforming Enterprise Performance and Reliability with HPE Nimble

Transforming Enterprise Performance and Reliability—The Emergence of Intelligent Storage

Most businesses require speedy performance and high availability for their data and applications—and traditional hard-disk drive enterprise storage cannot keep up. Increasingly, organizations are turning to all flash and flash-based arrays to improve both issues, as they realize that the cost savings they provide cannot only be measured by cost per gigabyte.

But for all its benefits, flash-based storage alone cannot close the “app-data gap” because the root cause of most
of the problems this type of storage is expected to solve are caused by other data center issues that have nothing 
to do with storage. As a result, organizations need to find
 a flash-based solution like the HPE Nimble Storage array, powered by Intel® Xeon® processors, that offers intelligence as well as speed and reliability. This white paper delineates these challenges and recommends a solution that not only improves performance and reliability but leverages machine learning to solve problems before they can start.

To read the complete paper and learn more about HPE Nimble Storage flash-based arrays, click here to download.

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