Edge Solutions to Offer Cloud Range’s Groundbreaking Cyber Simulation Training

New partnership enables Edge Solutions to provide customers with live-fire training and cyber-readiness solutions using Cloud Range’s virtual cyber range platform and custom services

Alpharetta, Georgia, September 12, 2022 – Today, Edge Solutions announced that it has partnered with Cloud Range, the industry-leading cybersecurity simulation training solution that helps corporations reduce cyber risk by ensuring their cyber defenders gain the necessary skills and experience to detect and remediate any type of cyberattack. Using Cloud Range’s proprietary, simulation-based, experiential-learning solutions, companies are measurably more prepared, while maximizing existing cyber talent and developing the skills and capabilities of new entrants to the cyber workforce. 


Edge Solutions, a leading IT services and solution provider, has partnered with Cloud Range to provide its customers with access to the secure and fully customizable cyber range platform powered by Cloud Range. Customers can access the cyber range from anywhere in the world and have a safe, dedicated environment that emulates their organization’s infrastructure. Security teams are then able to experience live cyberattacks, giving them the opportunity to improve detection, investigation and remediation for any type of cyberattack, while enhancing communication and collaboration. Cloud Range develops custom attack scenarios using threat intelligence sources that enable customers to proactively prepare for a multitude of cyberattacks that map to the MITRE ATT&CK framework. 


Cloud Range’s solutions have the same importance as flight simulators or any type of live-fire combat training. Simulating events is the only way to effectively prepare to detect and mitigate attacks, reducing the chances of a costly breach. 


The unique service utilizes fully licensed industry-leading security tools to ensure the live-fire training is performed using security toolsets that reflect the toolsets used in a customer’s production environment.  


“Cloud Range provides customers a unique opportunity for all security team members to run robust training scenarios in a controlled environment,” said Alex Theodore, Edge Solutions CTO. “These real-world scenarios where teams use their own technologies to defend against given attack profiles is extremely beneficial as cyber security teams continue to balance threat hunting and defending attacks. We also see value in using Cloud Range as a screening and employee retention platform given the scarcity of cyber security talent.”


Cloud Range’s cyber range platform will also enable corporations to hire and train security staff faster and more effectively using RightTrak™ Cyber Aptitude Assessments, FastTrak™ Candidate Assessments, FlexLabs™ skills development, and FlexRange™ training programs for teams. That is especially critical now with the acute shortage of security professionals worldwide. The staffing problem is further complicated by the fact that industry certifications and traditional education are not enough to ensure cyber defenders are truly prepared for live combat. Edge Solutions’ new partnership with Cloud Range will help solve the cybersecurity skills gap — the most critical customer challenge — which has a direct impact on every organization’s security posture.


Edge Solutions also can ensure that their customers’ cyber defense teams gain actual ‘live combat skills’ and the ability to practice addressing any complex cyber threat. By adding an immersive, hands-on element to cyber defense preparation, security teams can tie together the knowledge gained through education, the skills developed through individual lab exercises, and the abilities cultivated by participating in Cloud Range’s team simulation exercises.


“Cloud Range’s partnership with Edge Solutions is a huge step toward addressing the increasing global threat landscape,” said Debbie Gordon, CEO of Cloud Range. The Cloud Range Partnership will allow Edge Solutions to provide companies with the ability to increase cyber defense preparedness while helping to close the skills gap.”


About Edge Solutions

Edge Solutions strives to make the world a better place through technology. The team works together every day to live out their core values. With integrity as their compass, Edge Solutions strives to deliver the best-in-class service through earning trust and helping others achieve their business goals. The leadership team has years of information technology, channel management, sales management, and legal experience. They believe that diverse backgrounds and cultures fuel innovation and the success of not only our business, but also their customers’ businesses. Their team believes everyone can make a difference. This drives their desire to have the right talent on staff to work together to innovate, earn trust, and deliver. Edge Solutions was founded with diversity as a pillar of their business plan. They believe that fostering diversity is the right thing to do, but it also promotes innovation, opens new channels of revenue, and creates partnerships.

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About Cloud Range

Cloud Range is a pioneer in cybersecurity simulation training, providing the first ever full-service, customizable cyberattack simulation training solution in the world. Used by enterprise SOC and incident response teams, managed security service providers (MSSPs), governments, higher education institutions, utilities, critical infrastructure, and many other industries, Cloud Range enables organizations to accelerate the cyber defense skills of their  cybersecurity professionals using its proprietary simulation training and assessment platform. Customers can train security teams, assess candidates, onboard new hires, and improve cybersecurity team skills, significantly reducing cyber risk. Cloud Range won the CISO Choice Award for security education and training, is a TAG Cyber 2022 Distinguished Vendor, and is on Cybercrime Magazine’s list of the Hot Cybersecurity Companies to Watch.


Learn more at cloudrangecyber.com.

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