Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer and Integration of End to End Infrastructure Monitoring

Operational Efficiency is at the heart of your long-term viability as a business

As business continues to adapt to new and challenging operating conditions, managing complex and growing data requirements – meaning service levels and customer experience are maintained – has never been more important.  And without the right analytic tools to provide operational insight, optimizing end to end infrastructure to keep costs in check across an enterprise make this even harder.

The results of a sub-optimal infrastructure

There are a range of common challenges businesses are looking to solve through gaining value from their data:

  • An ability to increase visibility and optimization in data paths from virtual machine (VM) and server to SAN fabric and logical storage resources.
  • Translating IT metrics into service level objectives (SLOs) for performance and capacity, giving businesses clear KPIs that can be effectively measured.
  • Seeing issues early, preventing identification of service issues before they become serious problems.
  • Lack of a centralized view of operations across data centers, preventing seamless service delivery.

How ML-based Analytics Can Make a Real Impact

In order to combat these problems – along with a host of other associated fault-lines in their end to end infrastructure monitoring – a more intelligent analytics platform is required. One that can predict where faults could impact performance and can pivot to a smarter deployment of resources, faster problem resolution and streamlined workflows.

In order to achieve wider operational effectiveness, machine learning (ML) can positively impact delivery of business applications. Which is why we have been working with Hitachi Vantara to integrate the Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer within our client’s infrastructure. Part of the Hitachi Ops Center management suite of products, Ops Center Analyzer delivers new IT operational intelligence with key performance and capacity insights into your data center operations across heterogeneous, multivendor resources.

Enable Key Insights In Your Data Center Operations

Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer delivers a highly scalable data repository and analytic reporting engine with heterogeneous, multivendor resource support. So, what does this mean for you?

  • Using advanced analytics, you can quickly identify problems and take action to resolve issues.
  • Gain central management views across a multi-data-center enterprise environment.
  • Improve utilization and performance across virtual machines, servers, SAN networks and shared storage resources. Utilize predictive analytics to properly forecast and plan infrastructure growth.
  • Choose available software for your data center or via the cloud. SaaS model offers lower operational overhead and expanded flexibility.

Hitachi Ops Center Analyzer ensures that you meet required service levels for business application servers and optimize performance and utilization for Hitachi infrastructures. At the same time, it helps you to rapidly troubleshoot performance bottlenecks across a virtualized storage environment.

Edge Solutions

Data growth will only continue to outpace storage capacity. In order to meet performance and stakeholder expectations, enterprises must balance their infrastructure development with their storage spending.

At Edge Solutions, we work in partnership with Hitachi, combining our broad industry knowledge with Hitachi’s 30 years of expertise and enterprise-class storage technology to bring you a solution that ticks all the right boxes.

To find out how Edge Solutions can connect you with the Hitachi solutions that will help you maximize performance and future proof your storage capabilities, contact us to speak to one of our experts.

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