IT Trends that Matter for 2016 from Hitachi’s Hu Yoshida

As an HDS partner, we are fortunate to get a “front row seat” to many announcements and great training from the company’s talented technologists.  The technology leader, CTO Hu Yoshida, is a favorite blogger to watch – his insights are invaluable for helping Edge Solutions set our direction for each coming year.

As luck would have it, he recently posted the top ten trends that he thinks matter for 2016.  In addition to the blog, there is a webcast—as part of the HDS WebTech Series—with other leading technologists at HDS to watch on this topic.

In summary, Yoshida sees the top trends falling into three key categories, including:

  • A greater focus on applications and analytics,
  • Infrastructure technologies continue to drive efficiencies, and
  • IT leadership will drive innovation.

A key example of infrastructure continuing to drive efficiencies is highlighted in Yoshida’s #5 prediction on the list:  “Converged solutions will replace reference architectures. Instead of providing reference architectures detailing best practices for application enablement, vendors will begin to deliver these best practices as templates implemented through converged solutions. The converged infrastructure offers a more evolved platform for deriving greater cost efficiencies and time savings by allowing IT resources to be managed more cohesively.”

Enjoy the rest of the blog, and cheers to a prosperous new year.

How to Use This Information

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